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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Read Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why are you doing this?

A  There are currently a range of Day Opportunities within the County; our Day Centres provide Day Care Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Older People.  There are also a range of independent organisations (providers) providing different types of Day Opportunities.  However, we want to make sure that Pembrokeshire has something for everyone. 

 From listening to what people have told us and from talking to people about what is important to them, we know that there are things that we can do better and differently together so that Day Opportunities in Pembrokeshire are meaningful to individuals and enable people to achieve their aspirations.


Q What are the timescales?

This is only the first stage of what we see to be a two-staged project and this first stage is only focussing on talking about and designing services.  We will be holding co-production events in February 2019, and we will be consulting on the findings of these events in May, June and July 2019. 

Timescales for the development of new services will all depend on what it is we co-produce!  No one knows what this might be until we all come together to talk, share ideas and shape things. 


Q What is the difference between a day centre, a day service & a day opportunity & a ‘traditional’ service? What do each of these mean… currently look like……..

A  A' Day Opportunity' is a term used to describe a broad range of daytime activities that people can access and get involved in.  The range of day opportunities includes going to day centres to join in with activities that are happening there; some people choose to have Day Services and get help from carers, care support workers or personal assistants to go to things in the community.  Some people have a Direct Payment to pay for their own personal assistant.  There are also lots of services that offer supported employment opportunities, volunteering opportunities and Community Connectors can help people to find out about groups and clubs in the community that people might want to go to.

When we use the word ‘traditional,’ we mean a service that has been established and running for a long time.  There is nothing wrong with traditional services, and these services are meaningful to some people.  However, some people might want something different and something new.


Q Explain the project stages.

A  We are held project launch events across the County between November and December 2018 to tell people about the project and to let people know how they could get involved. In February we will be running a number of co-production events across the County so that people can help to shape what future services might look like.  We will then hold a formal consultation period which will take place during May, June and July 2019.  Following Council approval, we will look to implement the new model of Day Opportunities from September 2019.


Q Has Cabinet been involved in this process?

Yes, and Cllr Tessa Hodgson, Cabinet Member for Social Services is a member of the project group.  Cabinet receive regular updates on progress.  Any future model of day opportunities we come up with will need to be shared with Cabinet for their agreement.


Q How was it decided to use ‘Peopletoo.’ Who are they & what did it cost?

A  It was important to us to find an organisation who understood what we wanted to achieve and who are experts in helping people work together to design services that support people to achieve their aspirations.  We undertook a competitive tendering process to find an organisation to work with and Peopletoo were successful in their application.  Here is some more information about Peopletoo and what they do: Peopletoo


Q Who are the partnership boards. Learning disability partnership board, Older Persons Partnership board & the Carers Partnership board? What do they do?

The partnership boards are made up of people who have learning disabilities, parents, carers, older people, cabinet members and champions, and members of a wide range of organisations who are committed to working together to make positive changes to life in Pembrokeshire. 

Each partnership board is responsible for ensuring that people are working together to deliver action plans that will ensure that people have a better quality of life.  You can find out more about the individual partnership boards by having a look here


Q Where do I get a copy of the Pembrokeshire Learning Disability Strategy 2017- 22?

You can find a copy of the strategy on our website: Learning Disability Strategy 2017-22 

 You can also give us a call and we can send a hard copy to you in the post: 01437 764551


Q Where do I get a copy of the Ageing Well in Pembrokeshire Strategy 2016?

A  You can find a copy of the strategy on our website: Ageing Well in Pembrokeshire Strategy 2016 

 You can also give us a call and we can send a hard copy to you in the post: 01437 764551


Q Where do I get a copy of the Carers Pembrokeshire Strategy?

You can find a copy of the strategy on our website:  Carers Pembrokeshire Strategy 

 You can also give us a call and we can send a hard copy to you in the post: 01437 764551


Q What does the term ‘co-produce a day service model’ mean?

Co-production basically means working together to do something.

 When we say ‘co-produce a day opportunities model’ we mean people who use services and people who provide services working together to come up with new and sometimes completely different ways of doing things.  Working together will help us to make sure that there is a wide range of activities and opportunities for all people in Pembrokeshire. 


Q What term do we use to refer to people who use services – customers or service users?

A Historically, people who use services have been referred to as service users.  However, we want to make sure that we are being wholly inclusive and thinking about other people in communities who we have not met yet, and who might use services in the future.  Therefore it is better if we say people.


Q  Could day centres close as an outcome of ‘co-producing a day service model’?

A We have always been honest about challenges we face and the money we have available  to keep a number of buildings open – not just day centres. 

 It might be that people tell us that they want something completely different to what they have now and it may be that we decide together that a day centre might need to close so that we can do things differently.  Alternatively it may be that day centres are still valuable to people for a number of reasons.

 We will continue to share information and keep people up to date as the co-production events happen so that everyone is able to hear what people think and so that people can keep engaged in the conversation.  We have no pre-conceived ideas around what might come out of this work, and we will always be open and honest about what might need to change so that Pembrokeshire does offer something for everyone.


Q How do you ensure that people with intensive support needs (for example people with profound & multiple learning disabilities and people with dementia) can contribute and have their voices heard?

A One of the reasons we are working with Peopletoo is the expertise and skills they have in working with people with a range of communication needs to ensure that their views are accurately represented, and to ensure that people are able to contribute to conversations.  We will work with individuals, their parents and carers and specialists in communication and advocacy to ensure that everyone can take part in the work that we do.


Q How do we know that staff/customers/ families /carers views will be listened to?

We are wholly committed to working with everyone and to listening to everyone’s views, opinions and ideas – this is exactly what co-production is – working together to make sure that the model of services we arrive at is meaningful to everyone. 


Q  This isn’t consultation – so what is it?

This is co-production.  This is working with people to find out what it is people value and want from services, and designing a new day opportunities model that we will then share over a 12 week consultation period so that people can tell us whether or not we’ve got things right.


Q  Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You can phone our Contact Centre 01437 754551  and they will transfer you to a member of the Project Group


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