Elections and Voting

How to respond to your Household Enquiry Form

Electoral registration forms have been sent to every household in Pembrokeshire asking residents to check whether the information that appears on the Electoral Register for that address is correct.

Householders are being urged to respond as soon as possible. 

The easiest way to complete the form is online: It just takes a few minutes:

  • Visit www.hef-response.co.uk
  • Enter security code and password (you will find these on the front of the form you have been sent)
  • Confirm your household residents and submit!

The aim is to ensure that the Electoral Register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.

Although there are no major elections or by elections planned for 2019, elections can be called at any time so this is an opportunity for residents to ensure that they will be able to take part, even if an election is called at short notice.

Ian Westley, Electoral Registration Officer at Pembrokeshire County Council, said: " It’s important that residents respond as soon as possible, so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in Pembrokeshire.

“To make sure you are able to have your say at elections simply check the form when it arrives and respond as soon as you can."

“If you’re not currently registered, your name will not appear on the form. If you want to register, the easiest way is online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote, or we’ll send you information explaining how to do this in the post. In any case, you will still need to complete the form and send it back to us.”

Failure to respond will mean we need to send out two reminders and a canvasser to call at each property. The printing and postage of sending out reminder forms will incur a cost at a time when the local authority is trying to save money.

The electoral registration form also allows residents to opt to have their details excluded from the Open Register. This means their details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

Anyone who has any questions should call the helpline on 01437 775844 or email: electoralservices@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

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ID: 2454, revised 30/09/2019